Number of players: 2-8

Age: 8 y.o. +

Playing Time: 30-45 min

 • Play in teams or fly solo • Timed play 

• Planning • Bluffing • Betting & Voting •


depict 1001

“Aladdin wished to conquer the heart of the princess by building her a sumptuous palace. But the Vizier, mad with jealousy, set out to stop the hero. This amused the spirits of the four winds so much that they decided to join in the story as well!”

In 1001, you will take on the role of the spirits of the four winds who will guide Aladdin’s flying carpet.
Sometimes to aid him, sometimes to hinder him; the spirits of the wind can be capricious.

Players work in teams (one Day and one Night), but also have individual scores.

There are two ways to score points:

• As a team: You will try to pick the best paths for Aladdin to fly so that he collects the resources he needs to build a palace for the princess and capture the moon and stars for her.
• Individually: You can score points by successfully predicting the actions of the opposing team and by helping the Vizier block them.

Before the hourglass runs out, plan and discuss the best route for Aladdin to take.

Will you work with your team to help Aladdin on his flying carpet? Or will you increase your individual score by helping the Vizier?

Plan carefully, block the opposing team, and collect the gems you need to build a palace for the princess!

• 1001 also includes advanced rules (and advanced components) for an even greater challenge.


1001_in game

1001_reward_board clear 3D

1001 exemple block



 Rules:  1001_TIKI_rules low res

Advanced rules: 1001_TIKI_advanced rules low res