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200 copies of “1001” and 100 copies of “HUH?” will be available at our booth Hall 7-F119 during the Spiel 2016 (Essen, Germany).

spiel 2016

You want to be sure that you will have your copies for the Spiel 2016? You can pre-order here (via Paypal or Stripe secure payments) at a discounted price.

And that’s here : PRE-ORDERS SPIEL 2016 LINK




You can now downoload the rules of 1001







 Rules:  1001_TIKI_rules low res

Advanced rules: 1001_TIKI_advanced rules low res




We are very happy and proud to present our two new games : 1001 and Huh?

We had so much fun to play these two games that we worked hard to publish them with great components and great illustrations.

1001_Front_1stedHuh box front ENG






“1001” will have its first multilingual release at the Essen fair in Germany in October. It will also be released in Canada (distribution le Valet) by the end of 2016.

“Huh?” will be released in Canada (distribution Randolph) and France (Blackrock Games) in October 2016 and will have a special multilingual release at the Essen fair in Germany in October.

spiel 2016

So, what are these new games ?


In our TIKI FAMILY Games line interligne001



Number of players: 2-8

Age: 8 y.o. +

Playing Time: 30-45 min

• Play in teams or fly solo • Timed play 

• Planning • Bluffing • Betting & Voting •


depict 1001

“Aladdin wished to conquer the heart of the princess by building her a sumptuous palace. But the Vizier, mad with jealousy, set out to stop the hero. This amused the spirits of the four winds so much that they decided to join in the story as well!”

In 1001, you will take on the role of the spirits of the four winds who will guide Aladdin’s flying carpet.
Sometimes to aid him, sometimes to hinder him; the spirits of the wind can be capricious.

Players work in teams (one Day and one Night), but also have individual scores.

There are two ways to score points:

• As a team: You will try to pick the best paths for Aladdin to fly so that he collects the resources he needs to build a palace for the princess and capture the moon and stars for her.
• Individually: You can score points by successfully predicting the actions of the opposing team and by helping the Vizier block them.

Before the hourglass runs out, plan and discuss the best route for Aladdin to take.

Will you work with your team to help Aladdin on his flying carpet? Or will you increase your individual score by helping the Vizier?

Plan carefully, block the opposing team, and collect the gems you need to build a palace for the princess!

• 1001 also includes advanced rules (and advanced components) for an even greater challenge.


1001_in game

1001_reward_board clear 3D

1001 exemple block




In our TIKI PARTY Games line interligne001

HUH? The game where confusing others can make you the winner!

Huh box front ENG

Number of players: 3-17

Age: 10 y.o. +

Playing Time: 20-30 min

A party game about movies, people and characters.

Huh example US

In HUH?, players attempt to describe movies, famous people or characters but in unusual and entertaining ways.

Speak, act, sing; the goal is to have the least number of players understand what you are talking about!

The fewer players who catch on, the better the score. But at least one person must figure it out.

Be careful not to say too much and keep an eye on which players might have caught on so you know when to stop!

And above all, enjoy the wacky descriptions that the other players come up with.

Huh display US

We hope that you will have as much fun with these games as we did.




Squish’Em ! (our new game) was presented at its first game show (AQIJ in Quebec for professionals of the game industry) and received a warm welcome from the game stores and game professionals.

And we also want to thank a lot our distributor in Canada : The Randolph.

en force 2

On the right, Justin one of the two owners of TIKI Editions, on the left Joël one of the owners of the Randolph.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun during this show but also a lack of sleep :)

Cheers !




finaliste grand public

Gaïa : finalist for the game award “Trois Lys – Family game” in Canada.

The other finalists are Abracada… quoi?, Camel Up, Colt Express and King’s Gold, such great games !!!

We are very proud to be in a final like that.

Thank you very much.



PREORDERS for pick-ups at the Essen fair are opened.

We only have a little booth at the Essen fair, that’s why we don’t bring many games to the show (only 200 Gaïa Special Edition and 300 Squish’Em!).

You want to be sure to have your own copies of “Gaïa Special Edition” or “Squish’Em!” during the Essen fair ?


Please note : it’s a preorder for pick-up only. You will have to take your Gaïa at our booth (7-G104) at the Essen fair (Germany) before sunday 11/10/2015  12:00 .

Cheers !

exemple collector pet

Exemple 02 little



TIKI Editions is coming back with to 2 new awesome games and a collector’s edition of Gaïa.

  • “SQUISH’EM!” (in English)

- Link -

“SQUISH’EM!” is a fun, fast and chaotic game you will learn and love in less than 5 minutes.

In Squish’em! you play one of four Heroes whose goal is simple : be the first to slay 3 creatures.

These monsters (often cute or funny) are too terrorized to counter attack, but be careful because the other players want the same thing as you : give the coup de grâce to those adorable little creature.

In Squish’em! – Fantasy – you will play the Elf, the Summoner, the Barbarian and the Speller against more than 20 different monsters : a Cute Lil Bunny, a Cockatrice, a Manotaure, a Hat Golem, a Boy scout…

Release date : Canada, end of September 2015. Special release at the Essen fair 2015 ( Germany – Spiel).


  • “Gaïa – Special Edition”

- Link – 

Gaia Collector Visual

The collector’s edition of Gaïa.
Only 600 have been printed :
– 200 will be sold at the Essen fair (Spiel) 2015.
– The rest will only be sold on our website and will be given as rewards for our future Kickstarter.


 We hope you will have plenty of fun with our new games !




Revised rules are now available for Gaïa here :

> Gaïa Rules Revised ENG (low res)

> Gaïa Règles Révisées FR (basse résolution)

No revolution, just a “Gamer Choice” we decided to include in the rules.

Many gamers told us that they prefer a more pacific game, it’s done. The old variant “A peaceful life” becomes the rule. The lightnings and the eruptions become optional.

Gaïa turns into a more constructed and stable game. And for all of you who still enjoy to strike down Cities, the variant “Disaster” is here for you. It’s up to you to tune the game according to your taste for disasters !

Enjoy !


A lot of work has been done since Essen to bring you some good news for this new year.

We work on 2 new games that should be released this year (you will know more in a few months).

But right now :

Gaïa will be release very soon in many countries around the world.

We are very happy and would like to thank a lot all of our distributors.

Gaïa in the World2

Here is the list of our distributors :

Blackrock Editions for France and Benelux

Asmodee for Germany and Swiss (German speaking)

Lucrum Games for Poland

Smoothie Games for China


We hope that you will find soon Gaïa in your favorite stores.

Kind regards and Happy New year !



But you can still meet us at our booth during the Essen Fair.

Booth 1- D101


interligne001 2014-10-09


It was such a great surprise to have so many preorders, thank you all for your support.

But everything must have an end :

We will close the preorders on

> Sunday, October 12th 2014 – 23:00 Essen time <

Thank you,



GAÏA PREORDERS for pick-ups at the Essen fair are opened !

We were (hapilly) surprised by all your requests to preorder Gaïa for the Essen fair.

So we did our best to make that possible :

Click on ONLINE ORDER at the top of the page.

Please note : it’s a preorder for pick-up only. You will have to take your Gaïa at our booth (1-D101) at the Essen fair in Germany.

Only 260 Gaïa (in english) will be available at the Essen fair.

Cheers !




The Essen fair (in Germany) is getting closer, and we will be there with our friends of Spiel ou Face..

Hall-booth 1-D101

260 Gaïa IN ENGLISH ONLY will be sent to the Essen fair.

Sorry,no french version at the fair but we had to choose for the palet we sent.

Don’t worry : the components in Gaïa are language-independent and you can find the french rules (for those who are interested) on our website !

We are in the process of making a pre-order form for Essen. Please check this site for updates.

It’s a good time to thank all the gamers for their support; it was you who gave us the energy to publish new games. Gaïa is about to be released in Canada and we already have 2 more games we want to release in 2015.

For those of you who want a copy of Gaia, and either won’t be at the Essen Fair or who don’t live in Canada, we are hopeing to open an online shop right here where you can order it. Just check this website from time to time.

A small note for the first production of Gaïa: because our first print was produced for Quebec, we have printed the majority of the games in french. For our first print there will be only 260 english copies available online and 260 english copies available at the Essen fair.