Rat Trap


RAT TRAP (Bilingual English/French):

Authors: Jean-Claude Pellin and Jens Merkl ● Illustration: Edgar Covarrubias
Duration: 20 minutes ● Age: 8 y.o.+ ● Nb of players: 3-5 (includes also a 2 player variant)

Players make up a rat-pack of burglars who work together to try to score as much cheese as possible while avoiding both Traps and Cat attacks. But can you really trust your partners in crime?

Rat Trap is a 15 to 25 minutes Family game (8 years old and more) and that may also be played with gamers who want a quick and fun game with a bit of treachery in it. Rat Trap includes: Basic rules and Advanced rules (more dice for more complicated choices + role cards that give you special abilities during the game). It also includes a Two Players variant

Mechanism and originality: Decks of cards are placed face down on the table. They represent locations that the rats will try to search (by drawing from them during the round). You will try to find cheese in these decks but you must also avoid the traps they contain.

When it’s your turn, you must roll 2 dice (4 dice in advanced rules). The dice represent the actions available for this turn (draw cards, steal cards, send the Cat to eliminate the competition, heal yourself…). Unfortunately, you may not use the dice you roll!

You must choose one or two partners to whom you will give the dice. They will decide which action they keep for themselves and which action they will give back to you. So, discuss and choose your partners carefully!