SQUISHEM_box_miniAuthor : Mathias Gravend

Illustration  : Warped Core Studio

Release in Canada : September 2015

Special release at the Spiel 2015 at the Essen Fair (Germany)


Duration : 15 minutes

Nb of players : 2 to 4

Ages : 8 yo+


Exemple 02 little

 “Go, little bunny, go!” The heavy gate creaked and rattled as it rose. The fluffy beast looked left and right, then hopped forward, towards the blinding light. Anything was better than the smelly dungeon where it had been kept. It hopped. Hopped again. And yet, when its paws touched sand, a shiver went up its spine. Something was wrong here, very wrong. The thought of going back crossed its mind, but it was too late: in a deafening clang, the gate fell back down. “Ladies and Gentlemen” boomed a voice somewhere up above,
 “Arrre you readyyy to Squish’emmm?” A clamor rose up and the bunny was suddenly aware of the innumerable pairs of eyes fixed upon him. Its heart started beating like a crazed drum, almost ready to blow. The last thing it heard was the gong’s ringing.

Squish’em! – Fantasy – is the first game of the series Squish’em!. All the games are stand-alone and can also be mixed to play with more heroes and more monsters.


Squish’em! is a fun, fast and chaotic game you will learn in 5 minutes.

In Squish’em! you play one of four Heroes. A Hero is represented by 6 attacks and a portrait card.

Your goal is simple : be the first to slay 3 creatures.

These “monsters” (often cute or funny) are too terrorized to counter attack, but be careful because the other players want the same thing you want : give the coup de grâce to that adorable little creature.

  • The mechanic of the game :

A new creature appears on the table with its own Hit Points and its own abilities.

Each player chooses one of his attack cards and places it face down on the table. All the attacks are then revealed at the same time.

Unfortunately, you can collide with other players or find your attacks cancelled by a monster or player’s effect. For example, you play an attack that has the same priority as another player’s… too bad, you both collide into each other and your attacks and canceled. The monster’s effect cancels the second attack and you’re that player… ouch! your strike fails.

That’s it!

With this simple principle, try to be the one to kill 3 monsters before anybody else!

Exemple 01 little

In Squish’em! – Fantasy – you will play the Elf, the Summoner, the Barbarian and the Speller against more than 20 different monsters : a Cute Lil Bunny, a Cockatrice, aManotaur, a Hat Golem, a Boy scout…

Our next Squish’em! games will have different themes :  Reality, Horror, Hollywood…

We hope you will like this new game!


And just for fun, some more pictures :

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