You’re a game designer ?

You have a prototype and are looking for a publisher ?

We could be your publisher, but a few simple steps are required before sending us your creation.

So please follow them carefully before sending us anything.


Step 1 : We are looking for games, not ideas, so please send us a tested game. Try to test your game with as many people as possible, not only with friends and family (they will probably like your game since they are close to you).

Step 2 : Rules must be written and clear, in English or in French. We don’t ask you to write in a perfect English or French but to write understandable rules for anyone who hasn’t played your game. To do so, give a random person your rules and game. If they are able to begin without your intervention or help, then you’ve achieve the second step. This step is more than mandatory because if we cannot understand how your game works, we cannot publish it.

Step 3 : What kind of public does your game attract ? A lot of games are published each year. Do you think your game already exists partly or completely in any other form or game ? And if a similar game already exists, what does YOUR game bring and makes it unique ?

Don’t underestimate or overestimate yourselves and do not misunderstand our intentions. Over 1500 games are published each year, competition is very tough.

It is much easier to create something new and interesting if you know what you’re up against and much easier for us to publish your game for the same reasons.


You have followed each step carefully and still you want to send us your prototype. GREAT !


Send us an email first at :


  • Your message header should read : “PROTOTYPE – [Name of your game]”


  • Message : Give us some information on you. Have you designed many games ? Is it your first (not a problem at all) ? Did you already published some of your games ? Then describe your game in one paragraph.


  • Documents :

1 – A document  (Word or Pdf) with :

Name of your game.

Number of players.

Duration of the game.

Category & Ages. These ones are always tricky but always go with the minimum age required to understand the rules. Then categorize your game, here are some choices : kid, family, light gamer, heavy gamer, abstract, cooperative and so on.

Components. List all the components with detail.

> Summary of the game.

> Strengths of the game.


2 – The Rules.

A Pdf or Word in French or English.


3 – A few pictures of your prototype opened, with the components displayed and some pictures of a game.

Don’t worry if your prototype is not ‘beautifully designed’. Many prototypes are made out of paper and cardboard, we only want to see the look of the game on a table.




After reading and understanding your game, we will contact you if we believe there is potential in your game and if we wish to publish it.

For this next stage, we’ll require a playable prototype that you’ll send us to have the exact components you’ve chosen for your game.

That’s it folks !

Don’t hesitate to send us your creations.

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